A life changing year

The only Gap Year experience with a Master’s Diploma on the skills to thrive in adulthood


a life school.

Can be

what you can become.


means "change" in Valencian language.


a blank and strong cloth where to paint the life you dream of.

“ At Canvee Life School we train the mind, souls and bodies of our students to unleash their full potential”.
Juan Planes, Co-Founder & Program Director

Can a school be the most effective and the most fun?

WORK HARD, PLAY HARD is our motto.

What are the keys to a successful career?
Is being happy your ultimate goal in life?
What are the things that you would like to learn but are not taught at schools? 

How about getting a University Master’s diploma on what is most useful for your personal life and professional career while living abroad and learning a new language? 


Our gap year experience is designed to take students into the next chapter of their lives while deepening their personal and professional awareness.

Live in Valencia (Spain) for 9 months while studying a Master in Personal Excellence and Self-Leadership.

– Become happier, smarter, more persuasive, engaging, resilient, healthy and  self-sufficient.

– Discover your interests and strengths and gain a clearer sense of your next steps in life.

– Immerse yourself in the culture of Valencia, by learning not only our language (Spanish) but also how Valencians live, eat and have fun.

Have the most memorable year of your life, not only because it will be incredibly adventurous and joyful, but also because you will learn the necessary skills to adopt a powerful and self-reliable mindset.

*Includes the Master in Personal Excellence & Self-Leadership Program


At Canvee we have designed a unique learning experience to take students successfully into their next career steps.

A holistic bilingual program to learn the keys to become happier and smarter, whlist developing the necessary tools to thrive in one’s personal and professional life.

Acquire deep knowledge in emotional intelligence, speed reading, critical thinking, personal finances, communication skills and acting, cooking, nutrition and healthy lifestyle, … key skills to become successful in your personal and professional lives.

Learn from a diverse range of professionals from different backgrounds and industries, the very best in their fields.

Understand your strengths and become an impact player in the career you choose.

Canvee life school

Master the key skills to thrive in adulthood and unleash your true potential

Canvee was founded with the purpose of becoming a school of life. We want to fill a gaping void in education and provide our students with essential life skills, resiliency and self-awareness. 

For over 20 years, through Fundación Objetivo Felicidad and Desata Tu Potencial, we have been spreading the word and teaching young individuals and adults about the importance of emotional intelligence, positive psychology and personal growth, as well as development and wellbeing.

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