The Life Changing Year Gap Program

Discover your true self and unleash your full potential

The Life Changing Year Gap Program is a structured and complete Gap Year program that immerses students in Spain’s language and culture while providing them with the necessary tools to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Our Gap Year Program includes skill development classes, Spanish lessons, daily exercise routines, volunteering opportunities, weekend activities and travel experiences around Europe. By the end of the program, our participants will earn a Master in Personal Excellence & Self-Leadership certificate by the Spanish university Florida Universitària.


Valencia (Spain)

Program Duration:

9 months


September 21, 2024 - May 11, 2025

Master in Personal Excellence & Self-Leadership

Get a private Master’s certificate by a Spanish University. Learn the skills to succeed in your personal and professional life: emotional intelligence, financial education, communication skills, speed reading, well-being & nutrition…

Master’s details and curriculum

Spanish Lessons

Attend Spanish language classes according to your Spanish level in an accredited and multiple times awarded Spanish School.  By the end of the year, you will speak fluently.

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Be matched with a Life-Path coach to work on better understanding your authentic interests, values, and talents. They will help you make the most of them in your future career.


Travel to different European cities  in Spain, France and Italy, and go on a 7-day “Way of St. James” (Camino de Santiago) journey , the world-renowned and most ancient pilgrimage route to stretch yourself physically and mentally.


Make a positive impact within the local community by participating in a Teenage Emotional Intelligence Education Program or distributing food to the homeless and low-income families.

Physical activities

90-minute supervised sessions of physical activities such as fitness, self defense, martial arts, yoga, pilates or partner dancing, during week days.

Accommodation & Meals

Live in 3-4 bedroom apartments with your fellow students with your own private room. Housekeeping service and utilities included. A monthly food stipend will be provided

Activities & Excursions

Immerse yourself in the city of Valencia and its culture, visiting its most iconic places, participating in cultural arts and events, enjoying traditional foods, and spending time and building friendships with locals.

“At Canvee Life School we are determined to empower our students to live healthier and happier lives. We want to unleash their fullest potential, by giving them the necessary skills to adopt a powerful and self-reliable mindset.”
Juan Planes, Co-Founder & Program Director
“They will not only learn Spanish, but they will immerse themselves in our culture. We want them to have a memorable year and form lifelong friendships.”
Esther Planes, Co-Founder & Program Coordinator

Program Objectives

By the end of the program students will:

Become more emotionally intelligent. Be aware of your emotions and have the tools to master them while developing relationships and leadership skills

Be persuasive, popular and influential. Become an effective public speaker and a kind face to face communicator

Implement positive psychology tools to improve your emotional wellbeing

Become a fast reader, good memorizer and a better learner 

Become a great negotiator. Learn to present arguments, bargain and find out how to close the best deals

Learn how to apply creative thinking to different circumstances

Understand entrepreneurship dynamics, global economics and the financial and real estate markets. Be able to prepare a personal financial plan

Develop critical thinking and discuss philosophical issues

Become physically active and acquire personal defense, martial arts, yoga and basic dancing notions 

Be healthy and strong. Learn to cook nutritious and delicious meals and identify the essential nutrients for your body

Broaden your worldview. Navigate new cultures, customs and languages outside your comfort zone.

Master a foreign language. Be able to speak, read and write very good Spanish

Make a positive impact on the local community by engaging in volunteering activities

Have a clearer sense of the next steps in your personal and professional life

FAQ - The Life Changing Year Gap Program

Below you will find some frequently asked questions from students and parents. However, if you have any more questions you can contact us  and our team will be happy to help you. 

A Gap Year is traditionally defined as a year-long break between high school and college or university or between college and entering the workforce. A Gap Year means taking a time off to reflect, discover yourself and consider what kind of education and career you want to pursue. It can take many forms such as traveling, volunteering, learning new skills or working.

Tuition includes:

  • pre-travel virtual program orientation
  • airport pick-up in Valencia
  • orientation week
  • classes and workshops (Master in Personal Excellence & Self-Leadership)
  • exercise and workout supervised classes
  • Spanish/English lessons
  • coaching
  • volunteering activities
  • fully furnished shared apartment
  • monthly food stipend
  • group trips to Paris, Rome, Florence, Madrid and Santiago
  • local sim card with monthly data
  • other house amenities: towels, sheets,  kitchenware…

No, but you will be able to do it a few months into the program.  That is why our program includes Spanish lessons. Prior to arrival, you will take an online assessment of your Spanish knowledge which will help us enroll you in the proper level for class.

No, it should not. Indeed, the skills and experiences you develop during your gap year add to your college and job applications. Moreover, research shows that students who take a gap year almost always overperform academically in university and usually complete their degree in fewer years than average. Additionally, the skills acquired during our gap year are most valued by future employers and can set you apart from other applicants.

While the program continues, classes will be paused for 3 weeks for the Winter break. During that time students can either go back to their home countries, travel around Europe or stay in Valencia. For those who decide to stay in Valencia, the Canvee team will plan fun Christmas activities.

You will have your own private room in a shared apartment with your student peers.

VISA and other permits

If you are from outside the European Union and Schengen Space you will need to apply for a student visa. Do not worry, our team will gladly help you with the entire application process.

Travel Insurance

Students and families are responsible for obtaining and providing travel insurance prior to arrival. 


As COVID-19 regulations are in constant change, documents required prior to entrance to Spain will be communicated in time before the beginning of the program.

At Canvee Life School we have a zero tolerance, no drug policy. 

Regarding alcohol, the minimum drinking age in Spain is 18. If you are of legal age, responsible drinking is allowed outside class time. Drinking deemed excessive or becoming drunk and belligerent is not tolerated at Canvee Life School.

Of course! We hope you fall in love with the beautiful Valencia and want to show the city around to your family. We encourage you to introduce them to the amazing Spanish culture, including the most delicious local foods.

While we take an inclusive approach to admissions, it is vital that students be open-minded and fully committed to the process of learning, self-development, and collaboration.

With that said, the basic criteria for admission are:

  • High school graduate (no later than September 2023). Might be enrolled in university or college, or a university or college graduate
  • Must be fluent in English or be able to read, write and have a conversation in English
  • Have a proactive attitude towards problem solving and teamwork abilities

You can apply for the gap year program through the Apply page on our website. You will need to complete the application form.

Write to our Canvee team if you have any questions in the application process.

Yes, upon successful completion of  the Master in Personal Excellence & Self-Leadership, the student will receive a Master’s diploma Issued by the Spanish University Florida Universitaria

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